Niro Loan App Download Free for Android 2024 (Credit by Invite Only)

Niro’s unique pre-approval process ensures the highest disbursal rates for the chosen few and provides a hassle free, paperless, personal loans experience. We not only provide high loan amounts, but also provide a 24 hour guaranteed disbursal or we waive your entire processing fees.
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DeveloperQFi Technologies Private Limited
UpdatedMar 4, 2024
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The greatest disbursal rates are guaranteed for a select few thanks to Niro Loan App‘s special pre-approval procedure, which also offers a hassle-free, paperless personal loan experience. In addition to offering large loan amounts, we also guarantee a 24-hour disbursement or we will waive all processing expenses.

Niro Loan App Download Free for Android 2024 (Credit by Invite Only)

Niro Loan App Download Free for Android 2024 (Credit by Invite Only)

Please be aware that only pre-approved clients with a valid offer may use our Niro Loan App. If you have not received an offer from one of our partners, kindly do not apply.

They key features of our process are:

⏱ 24 Hour Disbursal or 0 Processing Fees
💸 0 Foreclosure Charges. Pre-pay in full whenever you want.
💯 Pre-approved process ensures highest disbursal rates.

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While our exact interest rates, processing fees etc. are primarily derived of the credit history of the borrower, they fall within the following ranges:

Loan amount: ₹50,000 to ₹3,00,000
Interest rates: 12% to 32% per annum (on a reducing balance basis)
Tenure: 6 to 36 months
Processing fees: 1.5% to 8.9% (Min ₹750+GST & Max ₹8,900+GST)

Loan Calculation Example:
Disbursal Amount (Amount to be received in account): ₹1,20,001
Monthly EMI: ₹9,975
Interest Rate: 19.99% P.A
Resultant Tenor: 14 months
Processing Fee: 2.5% of Loan Amount = ₹3091
GST on Processing Fee: 18% of Processing Fee = ₹3091*18% = ₹556
Total Loan Amount: Disbursal Amount (₹1,20,001) + Processing Fees (₹3091) + GST on Processing Fee (₹556) = ₹1,23,648
Total Amount Repaid: ₹9,975 (EMI) * 14 months (Tenor) = ₹1,39,650
Total Interest = Total Amount Repaid (₹1,39,650) – Total Loan Amount (₹1,23,648) = ₹16,002 (19.99% on a reducing basis)

Repayment Schedule
1st EMI -> 2nd Jan 2022
2nd EMI ->2nd Feb 2002
Loan Ends on 03 Feb 2023

Penalties for delayed payment of EMIs
Payment delays may incur penalties in accordance with the lending partner’s policy.
In addition, for each bounce, we may charge a one-time flat fee of 499/-.

Niro Loan App is not a registered NBFC or bank and offers these loans in partnership with select lending institutions. The exact lending institution extending the loan will be displayed while the user is being presented with the loan terms.

Currently Empanelled Lending Partners are listed below:
NDX P2P Private Limited (Liquiloans) –
Payu Finance India Private Limited (Formerly Known As Sidvik Leasing Pvt. Ltd.) –
Muthoot Finance Limited –
L&T Finance Limited –